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How to Be an Online Dating Problem Solver

There are days when it feels like life has thrown you every annoying curve ball it could possibly find to throw at you. You know those days; your blow dryer broke before your hair was dry, you can’t find your keys, and everything you try to accomplish takes twice as long as you planned. It’s the proverbial (and literal) “bad day.” That is when being a problem solver comes into play.

There are a few techniques to approaching the little problems that life throws at you that don’t involve immediately reaching for the tequila in the top shelf.

Keep Things in Perspective

Before you freak out over some unexpected roadblock to you being your awesome self, take a second and decide how big of a deal it really is. Is this a full-blown crisis or just a minor setback? Determining the severity of the problem you face can help you realize that in the great scheme things, this one thing is not that big a deal and can probably be fixed with a little effort or creative thinking.

Blow dryer broken? Twist your wet hair up in a pile on top of your head, fix it with a sparkly little clip, and get on with your day. Not that big of deal right? By approaching your problem with the right perspective, big problems turn into totally fixable issues.

Take a Look at Your Options

Each problem will also come with a set of possible solutions. Your job is to try to choose the option most likely to fix your issue and to do so in the most expedient manner possible. Can it be fixed? Can it be replaced? Is it a critical situation or is it something that can be dealt with later? Knowing the priority of the problem can help you decide if it’s something you can tackle later or if it’s something you need to stop the presses for and get on the problem solving pronto!

Call in the Experts

Being the kickass Indie Chick you are, you’ll probably want to tackle the problem head on and fix it by your big-girl self. And that’s awesome! However, there are times when a problem or a broken something-or-other is simply outside of your area of expertise. The key is to seek out someone that has the skills to assist you. Whether it’s your roommate’s boyfriend or the handyman straight out of the yellow pages, there is no shame in enlisting the skills of someone to help solve the problem.

If your problem is more of an administrative issue like a misapplied utility payment, skipped trash pick-up, or a service technician showing up two hours late, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and use that toll-free customer service line to get your issue addressed. Sometimes, a quick phone call is all it takes to handle a problem and for you to get on with your day. But remember to always be polite, regardless of how annoyed you are, so you can get things done without being a bitch.

Life happens. Problems will crop up. The key is to focus in and be a problem solver. Problems sneak up on you when you least expect them. Keep your cool, think rationally through your options, and figure out the best possible way to handle it so you can get back to all of the important things you have going on. You don’t have to let a problem or two derail your entire day or put a crimp on your awesomeness!

How do you manage your everyday crises?

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